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budgetpromotion.com.au is a website operated by a company called Promotion Products. Promotion Products Pty Ltd is an Australian Promotional Products supply company based in Brisbane supplying a national client base from decoration facilities and warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

This website has been operational since 2005 but has been revamped recently. Featuring hundreds of different Promotional Products if you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us for help – we have a vast array of Custom Products. Promotion Products is recognised as the leading value supplier in the marketplace so take comfort in that you are buying quality products at Australia’s lowest prices.

We are well positioned to service both large corporate accounts and small companies and government departments all over Australia.  In short - we are big enough to make your large order happen with ease but are small enough to care about everyday smaller orders also – they are our bread and butter and we never forget that.

Professional Affiliations

We have been active members of the Australasian Promotional ProductsAssociation for over eleven years and have also been members of Meetingsand Events Australia for over 5 years
Australasian Promotional Products Association      Meetings and Events Australia

Community involvement

We believe that community and not-for-profit organisation play an important in our social fabric of communities all over Australia. We give support to these organisations in two basic ways:

Lower pricing on products – Promotional Items should be of a good quality so the reputation of your brand is not sacrificed however we recognise that charities sometimes need price support!. Our pricing is already extremely low but in recognition of the valuable work that these organisations do we will always try and discount our products further.
Donations and free products – We are a small company but take our obligations seriously - we have a charity donation program that sees us donate over $10 000 a year to needy causes.

The Environment

It seems as though a lot of people are a bit jaded by the whole environment/climate change issue. We are by no means a bunch of lentil-munching bearded tree-huggers but do believe that there is a strong possibility that man’s activities are effecting the earth’s climate. As such, and as temporary stewards of the planet, we believe that we should have policies that minimise our impact on the planet. It is also good basic business sense to minimise wastage and drive efficiencies. Promotion Products has been a Carbon Neutral Business for 4 years. You can read more about this here, also we have been saying ‘no’ to wasteful catalogues and brochures for over a year also.

We look forward to helping you with your order soon, please contact us at any time here.


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