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Many people have not heard of ‘Pad Logo Printing’ but will have used Pad Printed items on a daily basis! It is the most common decoration process that we employ – it is ideal for crisp sharp printing on awkwardly shaped or small objects.

When buying Logo Products most customers are centrally concerned with having their logo reproduced in a clear and uniform way with their logo colours being reproduced exactly as designed.

Promotional Pen
A pad printed
Promotional Pen

The Pad Logo Printing process is straightforward when using a good quality supplied that knows what they are doing – it goes like this:

On receipt of the future Logo Product we create your art in a high resolution format like an EPS or AI file – read more about artwork for products promotional - here. We then take this artwork and create film from it. With the film we take a soft printing pad and transfer your image onto it. The pad print machine holds your product in place in a custom made jig so logo printing can commence.

Pad printing pad
A pad printing pad

Many different sorts of Logo Products are suitable for Pad Logo Printing – pens, golf balls, Promotional Clocks – in fact most small items like remote controls or any small print were probably printed using this method.

Hard hat printing
A hard hat having a pad logo print

With Pad printing we can print multiple colours – it really is governed by the shape of the product how large we can print – as a general guide though it starts getting difficult to print larger than say 50mm x 50mm or 80mm x 35mm or 10mm x 100mm – distortion of the design may occur if is attempted to be printed too large.  Your consultant will be able to guide you as to what is an optimally sized print for your chosen Logo Product.

Of course, like all things in life you get what you pay for! - the same can be said about pad printing. It takes years of experience to know how to professionally use the pad on logo products. Different products also require different inks to adhere properly.

Rest assured that when you contact us that we have years of experience of Logo Printing with pads and guarantee you a high quality result every-time!, please contact us at anytime - we look forward to helping you further.

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