Product Information

Price Beater

'Australia's best prices' – at we believe in three things – great service, quality products and Australia's lowest prices. You can read all about our lowest prices right here

Free set-up

'Free set up' - every price that you see on this website includes decoration set up costs. We were the first company in Australia to market Promotional Items including all set up costs at no charge. Be aware that many other promotional websites show pricing that does not include set up charge – our main competitor charges $75+GST per colour set up charge!. Our aim is transparency in every aspect of our business – you are a valuable client – we respect that you just want to the price including everything.

Design and art help

'We are here to help' - when you place an order on us it is our aim to make the order process as simple as possible. We will ask for your artwork file in a file type called an EPS – if you don't have one do not worry – we can use any electronic file like a jpeg, bitmap, even a word file. We will provide you with an hour of graphic artist time free of charge* – including up to two proofs per product you order. We are here to help!

*If we need to do more than an hour of artwork due to logo complexity or have to do more than two proofs per product we reserve the right to charge for this (we will always advise prior to doing any work if an extra charge will be levied). 98% of our orders have no artwork charge.

Product Guarantee

‘Risk free buying’ – We want you to be delighted with your order.  If any item or decoration is not as you approved on the artwork approval we will replace it free of charge.