Embroidered Shirts, Hats and Bags


Embroidered Shirts, Polos, Hats and Bags

Embroidery is an extremely effective way for your brand identity to be recreated in an upmarket and appealing format. You might require an Embroidered Polo Shirt, Bag or Cap – we can quickly and easily arrange for your logo to be embroidered with normal delivery within 2 weeks!. You can read about our embroidery process below.

An embroider can be featured on most items that are made from a soft material. Embroidered Shirts for instance are the garment of choice for corporate Australia but caps look equally effective with an embroider rather than a screen print. Embroidery is relatively inexpensive for small runs of bags, caps and shirts, multiple colours can also be recreated at the same cost as single colours which is a big advantage over screen printing!
First of all we take your design in any electronic format that you supply (unlike printing where we require your artwork in a ‘vector’ format – you can read more about artwork for products promotional – here). Your design is then ‘digitised’ by a skilled operator into a format that is recognised by the embroidery machine. No two digitisations of a logo will look exactly the same, it is a skill to digitise well and is not something to be left to an amateur!. The digitiser creates what we call a ‘plot sheet’, it looks like this:-
Embroidery Plot sheet
An embroidery plot sheet

Once you have approved the plot sheet design we start embroidering the actual product, sometimes people like to see an actual embroidery sample on a material swatch before we start embroidering - this is not a problem - please just ask.

Embroidery sample
An embroidery sample

 Double size embroidery

The cost of embroidery is controlled by two factors – how large the design is and how many embroiders we are doing . With each design we do something called a ‘stitch count’, as you would think the digitiser can calculate how many stitches are required to reproduce a logo with a quality presentation. Be careful a lot of Embroidered Shirt suppliers cost their shirts with a 5000 stitch embroider as standard, most designs require around 8000 stitches to be reproduced at a decent size, be wary of companies that insist your design can be reproduced in 5000 stitches – they usually have to skimp on the thickness of the embroider which completely misses the point of using an upmarket decoration process like embroidery!. We supply up to a 10 000 stitch embroider at no extra cost – that’s double the industry standard!
Embroidery example t-shirt
A stylishly attired Scotsman


Lastly, all of our embroidered products including Embroidered Polo Shirts, Embroidered bags and Promotional Hats are costed with embroidery set up included free of charge.
We look forward to helping you with order of Embroidered Promotional Products.


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