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Eco Friendly Promotional Items - Greener Company

We have been pro-active for  six years with practical steps that make our company a little greener than most other Promotional Item companies. 

We have a very simple philosophy about climate change/the environment – we are stewards of the planet for a fleeting time, we cannot say, with absolute certainty, that our (mans) activities are not damaging the planet. As such it is prudent to manage for the worst case scenario – that is why we have put into place the following initiatives:

Back in 2006 we launched the first dedicated range of ‘eco friendly promotional items’ in our industry.

2007 - we made our company and it’s processes Carbon Neutral by offsetting the carbon we generate in our business activities.  An industry first.

In 2008 we started marketing entire ranges of actual products that were all carbon neutral. An industry first.

For 2009 we pioneered the ‘forests not flyers’ marketing approach. We stopped sending out flyers, a move that reduces the needless waste of trees where viable marketing alternatives exist

We are pro-active with our environmental policies and continue to lead our industry with these policies. We can safely say that a greener focus has made us look at our business in a strategic sense and made us adopt more efficient work practices. We do not preach to others but only ask others to consider that we are temporary stewards of the planet and as such have an obligation to our children to take these matters seriously. It also makes good business sense to use our resources (the planets and our companies) as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you would like to leverage your companies greener edge or start getting involved please consider these items: Eco Bags and Eco Friendly Promotional Items

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