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Laser Engraved Corporate Promotional Products

Corporate Promotional Products featuring your logo or message are greatly enhanced when they are laser engraved. Laser engraving is an upmarket decoration finish for Corporate Products, impressing clients is the name of the game and therefore having your next Corporate Promotional Item engraved should be considered!, however, what is laser engraving and how do we do it!?
Laser engraving can be carried out on most products that feature a hard surface. It is ideal for Custom Keyrings, and other metal objects like clocks or pens but it is equally effective when we do it on materials like glass, hard plastics and wood. The laser engraving process lends to your Corporate Promotional Product a subtle yet permanent decoration finish.
Engraving Machine
An engraving machine


When we receive your logo file we ‘digitise’ this into a format that is recognised by the laser engraving machine. The product that will be engraved is held in place by a jig, the laser quite simply blasts of (with accuracy, subtlety and grace) a little part of the surface of the product giving an etched effect. This decoration process is permanent and cannot be rubbed of. 
Engraved keyring sample

An engraved keyring
With some of the Corporate Products that we sell we highly recommend engraving not just for it’s subtle understated finish but because of it’s permanency. Metal keyrings are notorious for having prints rub off and we would recommend that you have your metal corporate keyrings laser engraved or featuring an epoxy dome finish.
All the costs you see on our website that feature Laser Engraving include set up costs as standard.
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