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A Sign of Ageing?

Branded Stickers Bring out the Inner Child What is it little kids love about stickers? Perhaps it’s a sign of ageing that I can’t fathom the obsession with peeling and adorning books, walls, doors, windows, fridges and the dog with … Continue reading

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It All Adds Up

Promotional Calculators – It All Adds Up Just a thought but when did you last add up a list of figures? When you sat, utterly confounded by simple addition that any 14 year old would breeze through, subtraction a tween … Continue reading

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Pride in Our Past

Indigenous Aboriginal Art Inspired Promotional Items Over the last few years we have seen a groundswell interest in iconography and products inspired by Aboriginal Australia. Indeed, in fairness, that is an identity that should be shared by all Australians!

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Back to the Future

Promotional Pencils – Going Back to the Future “I love simple things” – or perhaps I should be more succinct; I really appreciate objects and practices that are designed to make life easier. Strange then isn’t it that we all … Continue reading

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Calling Time

Travel Alarm Clocks – Oldschool We’ve all heard the saying “time is money” and it’s a truism in business but consider our national fascination with not only the weather but time itself.¬†We ponder and fret over¬†the topic every day and … Continue reading

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How to Reinvent the Wheel

Promotional Bic Pens Just when you thought the world had stopped spinning and we had a chance to stand still for a while….unfortunately not! Just as the techies release yet another labour saving digital device, don’t think the old analogue … Continue reading

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