A Sign of Ageing?

Branded Stickers Bring out the Inner Child What is it little kids love about stickers? Perhaps it’s a sign of ageing that I can’t fathom the obsession with peeling and adorning books, walls, doors, windows, fridges and the dog with brightly coloured notices….actually, doing that to the family dog is just plain “fun”, our mutt […]

Back to the Future

Promotional Pencils – Going Back to the Future “I love simple things” – or perhaps I should be more succinct; I really appreciate objects and practices that are designed to make life easier. Strange then isn’t it that we all have tablets, PCs, laptops, notebooks etc that require careful setup and maintenance. They’re expensive too […]

Calling Time

Travel Alarm Clocks – Oldschool We’ve all heard the saying “time is money” and it’s a truism in business but consider our national fascination with not only the weather but time itself. We ponder and fret over the topic every day and yet we pay so little attention to the devices that mark and guide so many of […]