Re-find Your Inner Zen

Promotional Stress Balls to the Rescue When did you last feel like thumping the desk/computer/screen/phone/coffee machine/photocopier? It’s only natural to feel stressed out at work from time to time – the intricacies of dealing with other people and unintuative machines makes for a hot bed of work-related fury. It’s certainly not very Zen-like and too […]

Over the Hump

The Winter Solstice – Marking Time for the Southern Hemisphere Well, lap it up folks. For some peoples, today marks the start of Winter but for us in Australia, we’re a genuine 3 weeks into our hibernation. NOT that you’d know it with all the outdoor activities going on and the reluctance of the sun […]

Living your Life through a Lens

Promotional Sunglasses – An Australian Necessity When I was young, I lived in the country where the air was fresh and pristine, like the water that ran in the rivers and streams. That’s in stark contrast to the vast range of pollutants we now breathe in cities, largely unaware of their pervasive nature and insidious effects […]

What gets Your Goat?

Product Promotion – Maintaining the Standard If there’s one thing that gets my goat, it’s bad service. Having spent many years in the catering trade, I understand the tenets of courtesy and patience. As a waiter and barman I learned quickly that people are all different and their ability to negotiate a menu or drinks […]

New Supply Channels changing the Promotional Products Industry

Over the last few years the Australian Promotional Products Industry has been revolutionised by ongoing developments in China. Everyone is aware of China as a low cost manufacturing base, indeed they have the dominant supply nation in our industry for well over a decade. However more recently Chinese factories have been embracing the full scope […]