A Simple Law of Nature

Promotional Mugs – Fill Yer Boots! Stop what you’re doing and walk over to your office kitchen cupboard. Not the one with the mouldy cheese and rancid biscuits from last summer, the one above the kettle with the mugs. Unless you’re a control freak with obsessive compulsive tendencies…or an Architect (sorry Jane B!), I’ll wager […]

Don’t Live in Coober Pedy

Stick with Promotional Magnets Onless you live in a cave (Coober Pedy readers aside), the chances are you’re within a few meters of a metal surface. A fridge, a washing machine, a garage door, dungeon door, roll-on-roll-off ferry door….OK, I’m now being stupid! Almost as painful as the tragic 14th century plainsong wangling its way from my […]