Get the Concept

The Organic Cotton Satchel OK, I get the cotton satchel concept, afterall we’re talking about a material that’s hanging off nearly everyone’s back. A satchel too is a useful item I’ve been familiar with ever since I was a little boy on my way to school.

Entry Via Stage Left

Sharpen up with Recycled Promotional Pencils Continuing our season of Eco-based promo products, the recycled promotional pencil makes another entry via stage left; the returning hero of past marketing campaigns bursts onto the scene with renewed vigour. Ready to be rebranded and dazzle another working-cycle generation of officeworkers with his flexibility and practicality, the recycled […]

To Attract or Repel?

Promotional Magnets – Eureka! Well, it depend on one’s mood really, doesn’t it? At times we crave human contact and camaraderie, as though our existence depends on kinship. Of course it does, it’s part of our genetic makeup that we gravitate to those who are similar, it’s how we as a race have survived so […]

Re-find Your Inner Zen

Promotional Stress Balls to the Rescue When did you last feel like thumping the desk/computer/screen/phone/coffee machine/photocopier? It’s only natural to feel stressed out at work from time to time – the intricacies of dealing with other people and unintuative machines makes for a hot bed of work-related fury. It’s certainly not very Zen-like and too […]

Vanilla Scented Candles – Personalised Gifts Promotional personalised Gifts that have more than one purpose are designed to keep giving again and again. Take the vanilla scented candle which comes in an attractive glass. Long after the candle has burned, the glass functions as a drinking vessel. magic, huh?