Our Children’s Future

Promotional Shower Timer – Get Clean and Organised! OK, we all had the drought a few years ago and these promo items went gangbusters! They sold like proverbial hotcakes as businesses promoted themselves as environmentally aware and protective to the environment. Now that the dryness has passed, local water authorities run contingency plans based upon […]

Living your Life through a Lens

Promotional Sunglasses – An Australian Necessity When I was young, I lived in the country where the air was fresh and pristine, like the water that ran in the rivers and streams. That’s in stark contrast to the vast range of pollutants we now breathe in cities, largely unaware of their pervasive nature and insidious effects […]

Stolen Biscuits Taste Better

Conserve Your Resources with a Dynamo Flashlight This Week’s Business Tip – Stolen Biscuits Taste Better (supplied by Bruce from Arisaig). Great advice Bruce and it’s a fact that breaks the general rule which is…it’s better to give than receive! Taking from your business in those first few years is, in general, a bad manoever. Despite […]

Eco Bags Have Arrived

For Fashion or Marketing with a Clear Conscience How often have you purchased something  then pondered the environmental impact of its very existence? Chances are, more often than you care to admit. This blog author faces the same dilema everytime I hit the supermarket, go clothes shopping or need a car.