Promotional T shirts by the Sea I was charmed to see a friend’s holiday snaps the other day and noticed that in one picture they all wore the same t shirt with Byron Bay stamped on the front. It was the symbolism of a family playing together, tickled pink by the fun of wearing their […]

That Big Ball of Fury

Tip Your Promotional Hats A weekend in Brisbane is enough to reinforce the need for a decent sun hat! last weekend, before the storm that grounded my aircraft for 2.5 hours – Grrrr, the good people of Brisvegas were treated to days of sweltering heat and when that big ball of fury broke through it’s […]

Too Close for Comfort

Promotional Clothing for Street Gangs and County Bumkins Cap Guns are great fun, similarly bows and arrows. Catapults fall into that category, as do air rifles and Bowie knives. These are all things I’ve owned as a child and reveled in their destructive power. Like a right of passage, owning and knowing how to use […]

Come Hail or Shine

Let’s get Colourful: Striped Towels are all the Rage I’m a stickler for fun and groovy things – colourful striped towels fall into this category and are corporate gifts which sell perennially, whether we’re in summer or winter. The promotional beach towel has uses extending far from the seaside…in fact, I used one this morning […]

Wear your Brand on your Sleeve

Embroidered Workwear for the man or woman on the street! We live and work in an incredibly visual age – just stop and look around you…..almost everything in your workplace has a logo or message…..all except you and your fellow staff. Are we missing something here? Have all these established brands gone completely mad and […]