Get the Concept

The Organic Cotton Satchel OK, I get the cotton satchel concept, afterall we’re talking about a material that’s hanging off nearly everyone’s back. A satchel too is a useful item I’ve been familiar with ever since I was a little boy on my way to school.

Dilemmas No More

Eco Bags for the Self Conscience It’s a contentious move at the checkouts asking for plastic bags, in the full knowledge that they will at some stage in their lifetime, end up in landfill. The stores know this yet still push plastic bags upon us to make the shopping experience all the easier.

Be a Savvy Exhibitor

Moving Adspace – Conference Bags One of the most forgotten and mis-understood promotional items are conference bags. Savvy exhibitors at trade shows, events and conferences realise the power of reinforcing their message with a range of promotional products but what happens when your recipients grab themselves a swathe of goodies and and need somewhere to stash […]