A Good Walk Spoilt!

Promotional Golf Ball – Mixing Work with Pleasure The infuriating thing about Golf is the infrequency I play. If I fronted up to the local course every odd morning, I’d be relaxed and composed on every hole.  If I wore the right clothing, I’d look , y’know, like a real golfer. If I bothered to […]

Living your Life through a Lens

Promotional Sunglasses – An Australian Necessity When I was young, I lived in the country where the air was fresh and pristine, like the water that ran in the rivers and streams. That’s in stark contrast to the vast range of pollutants we now breathe in cities, largely unaware of their pervasive nature and insidious effects […]

It’s a Big World

Promotional Sports Embroidered Clothing There’s a great AD on TV right now for ASICS, the sports shoe company. “It’s a Big World. Go Run It” is their latest slogan and the advert shows dynamic, dedicated young things sprinting up mountains, through rivers, across plains, down ravines. It’s inspirational stuff and made me go out and […]

Why Did Andy Lose?

And why did he lose in such a way? Playing the Australian Open is the preserve of a talented few, it’s the pinnacle of sporting excellence and like every Grand Slam event, it doesn’t take long till you’re aware of being in the presence of greatness – those who have dedicated their lives to sporting […]

Don’t Forget your Toothbrush

Don’t Forget your Toothbrush…and Promotional Beach Towel Sunglasses – check Sunscreen – check Umbrella – check promotional beach towel – check!Preparing for a day at the beach shouldn’t be a stressful event in itself and in the midst of all the necessary items for a good and safe time at the water’s edge, should be practical, yet […]

Top 3 Promo Items This Month

Promotional Marketing Top 3 – November With Christmas almost upon us (again!) there’s still time to place orders for promotional marketing items to wow your clients and staff. This season’s top gifts have a definite sporting flair – saunter into any shopping centre and you’ll be assaulted by Sports Bands, sports clothing and offers for gym memberships.

G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville.

Athletic Sprint Singlets G’Day Folks, meet Jono from Marrietville. He’s your regular bloke – into his beer, smokes, footy (Go Swans!) and girlfriend, Sharna. When he’s not charging you exorbitant rates for fixing your boiler and performing donuts in his Ute outside your driveway, he (remarkably) runs a youth soccer training camp. Who would have […]

Latest Sports Products

Promotional Marketing Success One of the keys to promotional marketing success is to catch people in their element or at times of need. Promotional sports products fall into the former – you don’t actually “need” them but they’re helpfull to have during sports and related activities, generally when folks are having fun. In this case […]