Hail the Hail

Promotional Umbrellas – Great Insurance A massive job I’m undertaking at home is replacing all the Lazerlight sheets on my pergola that were damaged in a hail storm a few years ago. Literally thousands of dollars in materials alone. Sure, it was a massive, unprecendented storm in living memory but prevention and forward planning could’ve […]

Come Hail or Shine

Let’s get Colourful: Striped Towels are all the Rage I’m a stickler for fun and groovy things – colourful striped towels fall into this category and are corporate gifts which sell perennially, whether we’re in summer or winter. The promotional beach towel has uses extending far from the seaside…in fact, I used one this morning […]

Hop to it!

Electronic Jump Rope – Skip your way to Health One of the sports products that stands out as a fun way to encourage a healthy lifestyle is the electronic jump rope. As a promotional marketing tool however, it’s a dead-cert winner in any competition.