Get the Concept

The Organic Cotton Satchel

image of as cotton organic stachelOK, I get the cotton satchel concept, afterall we’re talking about a material that’s hanging off nearly everyone’s back. A satchel too is a useful item I’ve been familiar with ever since I was a little boy on my way to school.

But, what on earth is “organic”? How does that fit into the scheme of things? Aren’t all plant derived products “organic” by default?

I suppose it all rests with your understanding and acceptance of large, mechanised farming practice; its’ effect on the land and the communities who are under the financial whim of the large multinationals who dictate what will be grown on a farmer’s field, using approved fertilizers and pesticides, all for a bargain basement price thus forcing near slave-labour conditions…

Let’s face it, we all know this exists yet our hunger for cheap garments from developing countries is relentless. However, given our finite resources, it’s going to break our delicate eco system (or play a large part in a larger catastrophic collapse). These are known yet we continue to shop at Target and Kmart.

Our research has found a growing section of the community who seek a fairer system for others and don’t mind paying a little more to help create equality.
By buying an organic cotton satchel, or many to share with your business contacts or staff, you are assured of a product that is not only kinder to the very soil from whence it came but recognises the inequality in global labour markets and has bucked against the system – that’s what only a few extra cents achieves…..and that’s a small price to pay for fairness to others.