Our Children’s Future

Promotional Shower Timer – Get Clean and Organised!

picture of a promotional shower timerOK, we all had the drought a few years ago and these promo items went gangbusters! They sold like proverbial hotcakes as businesses promoted themselves as environmentally aware and protective to the environment. Now that the dryness has passed, local water authorities run contingency plans based upon water preservation and the easiest way to manage this from their perspective is to charge us a premium for H2O.
Thing is, it’s a necessity and we all open our taps “willy nilly” to water the garden, top up the pool, wash the dog, the car, launder clothes-after-one-wear etc etc. Although history should have taught us to preserve this resource, we tend to forget and regard water usage as a right…
But pressed on the subject, most of us will acknowledge the delicacy of our existence and our reliance on clean, potable water, yet few have an action plan to personally safeguard supplies.

With the reintroduction of the promotional shower timer, you can now re-enter this conversation with a branded method of limiting showers, baths, garden watering, discretional fun running through the garden sprinkler on hot days… your children may complain about that but it’s their future you’re helping to safeguard.