A Sign of Ageing?

Branded Stickers Bring out the Inner Child

reel of branded promotional stickersWhat is it little kids love about stickers? Perhaps it’s a sign of ageing that I can’t fathom the obsession with peeling and adorning books, walls, doors, windows, fridges and the dog with brightly coloured notices….actually, doing that to the family dog is just plain “fun”, our mutt enjoys the experience and we all have a good laugh and bark.

It must be a phase because I have vague recollections of doing the very same myself. In my case it was pictures of cars and dinosaurs, cautiously gathered and bartered for in the playground, then carefully added to their collection books. It was a source of great satisfaction that I could collect and decorate.

As an adult, I couldn’t imagine anything more tedious but there again, my tastes have changed and adapted to life in my 40s where my time-poor existence won’t allow for such frivolities…except…..when I am given a reel of branded stickers…and it all comes flooding back…“Billy, would you like to swap a Dave’s plumbing sticker for a Johnno’s Mobile Mechanic sticker?”