Swaying in the Wind

Promotional Paper Bags – Wrap a Bargain

pic of two promotional paper bagsThere’s nothing wrong with a well constructed paper bag. And their uses are amazing when you put your mind to it!

At 9.15 this morning I’d already been issued with two paper bags, each of them plain white with no branding. the first was used to wrap a breakfast roll and the second was used to house the first bag and roll. As I walked down the street, my white paper bag swayed in the wind. At the coffee stall, I stood alongside other coffee addicts yet to have breakfast and advertised “nothing“.

I’ve a good mind to approach the sandwich shop and offer to supply paper bags for free…except I wouldn’t give them white paper bags. My promotional paper bags would say

Fresh Breakfast Rolls $6.50, 17 Swanston Street, Mention this Bag for free filter coffee

I’d bargain a 20% commission on the forwarded business and I’d cover the cost of the free filter coffee, as long as they used my freely supplied printed paper cups (advertising Budget Promotion Products)!