To Attract or Repel?

Promotional Magnets – Eureka!

picture of a promotional magnetWell, it depend on one’s mood really, doesn’t it? At times we crave human contact and camaraderie, as though our existence depends on kinship. Of course it does, it’s part of our genetic makeup that we gravitate to those who are similar, it’s how we as a race have survived so far. It’s also in our nature to repel each other, whether at a personal or societal level. There are times when being alone in solitude, is divine and necessary to our mental balance.

Back on topic – magnets are now regarded as essential to our modern lives – if you drove or were driven to work, if you caught a train or bus, then you’ve already used magnets today. Their uses in machinery and industry are widespread, and our advancement as a people would be hampered if some bright spark hadn’t had a Eureka moment watching two pieces of metal clinging to each other and their reverse when turned the other way.

When I was a boy, magnets at home were restricted to large “U” shaped toys which kids would use in science experiments….it wasn’t until the proliferation of metal fridges in the 80’s that we coined the term “fridge magnets” and now, as the marketing industry realised the huge potential for commercialising them, the promotional magnet!

And what a choice! Embedded within brightly coloured housings, promotional magnets are no longer restricted to small charcoal coloured lumps of metal. They take on a shape and pattern designed by you.

Two pieces of metal, inextricably drawn to each other, in the shape of a plumbers truck, on your fridge? The original “Eurekan” couldn’t have imagined it!