It All Adds Up

Promotional Calculators – It All Adds Up

image of a promotional calculatorJust a thought but when did you last add up a list of figures? When you sat, utterly confounded by simple addition that any 14 year old would breeze through, subtraction a tween would scoff at, multiplication and division “to-easy” for a prepubescent? And you call yourself a professional?!
Well, it’s no secret that when you reach adulthood, constantly doing mathematics no longer exists…..we don’t do it because we already did it in school and can appreciate the fundamentals of x + y = z And in lieu of this, we’ve earned the right to bypass the longform and utilise a promotional calculator where necessary. And why not? They’re faster and more accurate than a fuzzy 3pm head , stuffed full of caffeine and mainlined paracetamol.

And as to a quality control seal of approval – would you rather your Accountant toted up your YTD with a calculator or in their head?!

So, relax into this my friends – it’s good to be tapping on a promotional calculator, whose technology could’ve flown the first rocket to the moon. That makes you the chief controller at NASA rocket launch central in Florida! And those around you thinking you’ve forgotten how to add 36 and 98… clever clogs!