The Ice Cream Maker

Gel Wine Tote – Epic!

gel-wine-toteWow! Now this is a great promotional product…you put the flexible gel sleeve in your freezer then slide a bottle of something fancy into it for transportation and chilling. The gel protects your bottle against breakage and the frozen gel rapidly cools the liquid. I don’t really know what else to contribute except to say, that over all other wine cooler and transport options, I think this has to be 2016’s standout effort!

Except of course that it’s still 2015….but now is the time to plan ahead and consider how branding such a promotional item and distributing it within your clique of clients and staff could enhance your individual and collective awesomeness!

And this product will do that. It’s almost guaranteed that early adopters and gifters share in the success of innovations like the gel wine tote! During the remainder of the party season and well into Autumn, many of us will embrace the great outdoors and hit beaches, parks, backyards, wilderness – places which are hot… and cool, refreshment is necessary.

Not restricted to Chardonnay, these gel totes can be used to cool and transport bottles of any and all descriptions. Kids will love the concept, as will groovy hipsters on their single gear bikes heading to a party, as will free spirited adults hitting outdoor concerts.

Really, there’s little to stop you using one of these puppies to make ice cream in the backyard….that one takes a little thought but someone will perfect it!