That Big Ball of Fury

Tip Your Promotional Hats

picture of floppy promotional hatsA weekend in Brisbane is enough to reinforce the need for a decent sun hat! last weekend, before the storm that grounded my aircraft for 2.5 hours – Grrrr, the good people of Brisvegas were treated to days of sweltering heat and when that big ball of fury broke through it’s rain filled clouds, it was relentless in it’s attack.

As I sit here in the relative cool of Melbourne’s early summer and nurse my QLD sunburn, I am reminded of the season ahead and the need to kit mysef out with suitable headwear. Promotional hats are the best way for me to protect myself this season – I wear the freebies and samples in the office (for quality checking purposes of course).

And if I’m sitting here peeling like a lobster, there are many others like me in dire need of appropriate head coverings. take a straw-poll round your office and you’ll find everyone without fail owns a sunhat…and that probably applies to the majority of the population of Australia – non ownership is unheard of, just as beanies and gloves are essential in northern Europe.

So, while we all use these items, a good idea is to satisfy that demand with a batch of branded promotional hats commissioned by your company or sports team or organisation. In doing so, you’re giving something with universal uptake and prominant advertising space. They’re a win for your recipients and an important marketing tool for you anywhere across this sunburnt country!