Dilemmas No More

Eco Bags for the Self Conscience

picture of an eco bagIt’s a contentious move at the checkouts asking for plastic bags, in the full knowledge that they will at some stage in their lifetime, end up in landfill.

The stores know this yet still push plastic bags upon us to make the shopping experience all the easier.

My dilemma at the till is no more – I now keep a store of plastic pre-used bags in the boot of my car for such expeditions. the only problem is that they look…err…kinda daggy. A clean, crisp plastic bag says you’ve just made a purchase and the contents of your bag are “fresh”….

A crumpled, creased bag suggests dirty old clothes you stuffed in after a night in the underpass, or in your car, or on a mate’s couch.

The only way forward is to find a sustainable and smart solution which can be used over and over again – and I think I’ve found it: enter stage right, the Eco Bag.

Here is a promotional product that is designed to weather many applications across many moons yet shine brightly every time it hits daylight.