How Proud are you?!

Advertising Products – Australian

Jono wearing a groovy sports advertising productI love travel, it broadens my mind and drains my wallet but the journey, as they say, is well worth it. That exposure to foreign cultures is refreshing from a business perspective; to glimpse how other countries run their and how they market themselves. And what I see time an time again is nationalist pride.

Not extreme nationalism….being a civic patriotic Nationalist is different. Across Europe, we’re seeing right wing reactions to the Syrian migration and they’re ugly in every way.

That response is driven by fear and insecurity, and ignorant selfishness. Nationalists believe in the sovereign justness of their country, it’s fueled by pride and communal self belief and if channeled responsibly, it’s a positive force. Believing in Australia and her rightful place in the world should be instilled in every school child. Being Australian is a wonderful privilege and the benefits of growing up in the “Lucky Country” should be capitalised on wherever you are across the globe.

So it also makes sense that as well as promoting Australia to the rest of the world, we also champion our own cause within our land. Advertising products (Australian branded) should be utilised by any and all Australian companies to celebrate who we are and how well we function!