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Swaying in the Wind

Promotional Paper Bags – Wrap a Bargain There’s nothing wrong with a well constructed paper bag. And their uses are amazing when you put your mind to it!

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It All Adds Up

Promotional Calculators – It All Adds Up Just a thought but when did you last add up a list of figures? When you sat, utterly confounded by simple addition that any 14 year old would breeze through, subtraction a tween … Continue reading

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The Ice Cream Maker

Gel Wine Tote – Epic! Wow! Now this is a great promotional product…you put the flexible gel sleeve in your freezer then slide a bottle of something fancy into it for transportation and chilling. The gel protects your bottle against … Continue reading

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To Attract or Repel?

Promotional Magnets – Eureka! Well, it depend on one’s mood really, doesn’t it? At times we crave human contact and camaraderie, as though our existence depends on kinship. Of course it does, it’s part of our genetic makeup that we … Continue reading

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That Big Ball of Fury

Tip Your Promotional Hats A weekend in Brisbane is enough to reinforce the need for a decent sun hat! last weekend, before the storm that grounded my aircraft for 2.5 hours – Grrrr, the good people of Brisvegas were treated … Continue reading

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Dilemmas No More

Eco Bags for the Self Conscience It’s a contentious move at the checkouts asking for plastic bags, in the full knowledge that they will at some stage in their lifetime, end up in landfill. The stores know this yet still … Continue reading

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How Proud are you?!

Advertising Products – Australian I love travel, it broadens my mind and drains my wallet but the journey, as they say, is well worth it. That exposure to foreign cultures is refreshing from a business perspective; to glimpse how other … Continue reading

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