Catering Knows about Branding

Restaurant Glasses – a Negative Experience?

picture of many promotional glassesThe catering trade know a thing or two about branding and reinforcing their message from the moment you search online, make a booking, enjoy your meal and review online – some establishments run a very tight ship any marketer would be envious of. And what’s NOT to like in food and drink – except ardent food poisoning and wine containing Agent Orange (if consumed in large quantities)….

Had an negative experience? Me? well yes, but I’ve also had many a great night out with friends at a restaurant. I also like to entertain at home and the one recurring bug bear in our house is a lack of wine glasses….somehow between the annual party season, there is a high attrition rate that completely baffles me – I may be responsible for one “glass down” every two years – so where do the rest of them go?!

Wine glass breakages are a fact of life and accepting this phenomenom without question is something we all must do, lest go insane.

That said, etched Restaurant Glasses or printed with your logo are not just restricted to the catering trade. Many companies gift them to staff and clients, and in some high-breakage homes like mine, the family crest is proudly printed on our glassware….what’s NOT to like about that?!