Too Close for Comfort

Promotional Clothing for Street Gangs and County Bumkins

picture of a man wearing hi viz promotional clothingCap Guns are great fun, similarly bows and arrows. Catapults fall into that category, as do air rifles and Bowie knives. These are all things I’ve owned as a child and reveled in their destructive power. Like a right of passage, owning and knowing how to use these “dangerous” tools was imperative in small country town culture.

In the cities though, it was a different matter and kids growing up in the big smoke prided themselves on being street smart, sassy and tough.

All swings and roundabouts but I do think that living close to the edge, regardless of whether you are a child sporting a firearm in the Back of Burke or streetfighting with a rival clan in downtown Preston, helps build resilience in one shape or form.

To live a life cosseted away from things and situations which could damage, is equally damaging to individuals.

So, danger is good but with certain caveats in place.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is a good place to start and promotional clothing which is fit for purpose is my number one champion.

You wouldn’t wear flammable polyester if you were playing at Molotov Cocktails with your mates behind the old Bus Terminal, would you?┬áNor would you wear a knitted beanie in the middle of summer in the Simpson…

We’ve recently invested in a line of Hi Viz clothing as part of our workwear range – being seen, even in a street gang showdown or paddock bashing party is essential.