Under a Canopy

Promotional Sun Hats no Less

picture of a promo slouch sun hatMaking a Laserlight Shade for my home garden-Office yesterday, I was struck by how essential wearing a sunhat actually is in this climate!

I was protecting my window from direct sunglare + heat but standing in the full sun whilst doing it.

After a few minutes, I could imagine all sorts of skin-based aborations caused by those damaging rays and ducked inside for a sun hat and a splosh of sunscreen.

I had spent about 100 dollars on materials for my office’s sun canopy (tax deductable of course ) but the point I’m making is that we spend relatively large on bricks and mortar protection but scant little on our own personal protection. For ourselves and that of our staff/team mates.

Why is that?!!!!!

We are the most valuable assets to our families. Aside from the spiritual and emotional value you provide to your clan, you’re also an income generation machine helping clothe and feed them, educate and protect them. Ergo you need to be protected yourself and insured against injury and sickness.

If you work outside or play outside, an essential piece of kit is a sunhat. And what of your fellow staff members and those attending your conference this summer?

Promotional sunhats come in a wide range of styles and colours, and they’re all brandable in some way or another. By investing in these forms of promotional items and gifting them to those in your emloy or those attending your function, you’re recognising that they are valued by you. Gang promotional sunscreen up with a sun hat and you start to take on Sage-like status, an all caring, knowledgeable guardian, someone or something to be trusted.

All for less than the price of Laserlight!