Dad’s Medicine

Promotional Confectionery – Cures All

picture of a jar or promotional confectioneryI’m not a massive lolly honker but I do like the occasional jelly bean. Recently while recovering from a rather nasty and traumatic eye operation, a parcel arrived from overseas from my sister containing a massive jar of jelly beans with a label “Dad’s Medicine”. And I’ve been very good at taking my medicine – just a small handful every day for a few weeks now and my recovery is going well.

Normally though as an adult, I don’t buy sweets but will smile graciously and eat them if given.

So that then leads me onto their use as a promotional product. Promotional Confectionery as it is known in the trade is the ideal low-cost gift whether at Conferences and Trade Shows or as anniversary gifts like Easter or Xmas.┬áBy printing your organisation’s logo and key message, you’re able to brand the packet and be known for your generosity.

My sister personalised the Jelly Bean “medicine” thus making a generic product into a unique gift – there was care and consideration implied and her careful selection and planning was all the more realised – the product “spoke to me”.

And that’s the kind of interaction you can experience with promotional product, especially when you are specific with your message…. eg. “Energy Replacement Pills for a job well done on the A45 project – you folks help make a better us.”