I Liked the 70’s

Promotional IT Products

picture of iPAD standsOur lives are dominated (and I don’t say that lightly) by technology. It has it’s negatives like when my kids won’t get off Netflix without surgical intervention and then of course, there’s The Internet’s seedier side, feeding off and into delving into the darker side of the human psyche.

But there are many positives. A colleague and I had a discussion this morning around how neither of us would be able to see if it wasn’t for technology. Also in his case, we would’ve been dead three times over. For those poignant moments in our lives, technology and medical science are certainly major plus factors!

Aside though from where our lives are transformed (literally in some cases), technology also helps us work faster and smarter. Harking back to the 70s which is the earliest decade I can remember, corporate life was slow and dogged by the lack of technology, not that anyone back then was any the wiser. Office typing pools were essential, couriers whizzing letters across town were mandatory for big business and a phone in an office was great – allowed you to talk to poeple while you smoked at your desk!

These things were great for the time but compared to the instant manipulation and sharing of information we take for granted 40 years later, productivity was sedentary by comparison. If you could take your average 70’s office worker and transport them into the future, they’d stand agog, bewildered by the processes that us semi-autonomous drones thrash out on our “television sets” on our desks.

So, given that we have evolved in the workplace, it’s only natural to extend that love and reliance on technology into promotional IT products. To utilise them further by harnessing their usefulness and coupling that with branding opportunities. they make excellent corporate gifts and extremely useful ways of streamlining our day-to-day activities.

I liked the 70’s but thereagain, I didn’t have to work.