Hey Firebugs, put the match DOWN….

Gatecrash With Promotional BBQ Products

bbq-products-printed-apronUnless you’re firing up that BBQ for a real Guy Fawkes roasting, in which case, light her up and flip those burgers dude (or dudess). having fun? Of course you are and who doesn’t enjoy the communal experience of cooking outdoors with family or friends or colleagues?

“Catch ’em in the moment” we say at Budget Promotion, “and you right there sharing the experience”. In our range of Outdoors promotional products, we stock a fantastic range of BBQ products related items to help your staff or clients get the most out of our great Australian summer. As they’re out there sinking a cold one, splitting their sides at a mate’s jokes, turning delicious food on the BBQ grill, their printed Apron, branded with your logo and festive message will be there too enjoying the limelight, taking part in the fun and recounting it later at the party post-mortem when work resumes on Jan 4th…

And how did you manage to gatecrash all those BBQs, parties and cosy backyard dinners? By investing in promotional items that are designed to compliment fun activities, items so useful that takeup is almost guaranteed, ownership is assured and respected and promoted.

One of the secrets is to devise a printed message that demands questioning by fellow partygoers, a quip that compliments the host and helps establish you as their partner both on and off the field…“Dave’s Plumbing – your Pi55 and 5hit is our Bread and Butter!” – kid you not, it’s been printed (name changed to protect identity)!