Colour me Red

Choose a Promotional Product, Your Wife Can Choose the Colour

picture of a red kids hatSince the dawn of time I’ve been fascinated by the colour Red but only for certain objects – cars, boats, clothing, mugs, pens – if presented with a choice, I’ll always gravitate to the red one. Except cars because I had a red on once and it made me drive like an idiot, as though I was a rally driver….or robbing a bank.

Certain colours and patterns serve as emotional triggers that influence our decision making. My Red colour focus and sweuede fabric preference may say deep and meaningful (and often dark) things about me that I wouldn’t care to share here publicly but I’d wager you share a similar leaning towards certain colours too.

And that thinking could be extended to your, colleagues, customers, clients and team members too. Do you know what colours solicit the best and most productive outcomes in them? Chances are, it’s an afterthought and the last thing on your mind.

Colour though is one of the most important tools at advertisers disposal. Take the new car market for instance – do you think the latest crazy hero-colours Ford and Holden are mixed by accident? Not a chance! There’s too much at stake by getting your target demographic’s colour wrong.

Right now, if you jump on Ford’s website, the new Focus is promoted in “Winning Blue” – an aspirational, dynamic bold statement if ever there was one.


We trend to look to nature for inspiration but the big advertising boys provide much of our research for free and publicly available!

Next time you’re considering the use of colour in a promotion and in promotional products, look at what the largest companies who chase the market section as you are using then leverage off that too.

Bets are on that a “Winning Blue” promotional T Shirt with crisp white embroidered italisized lettering in an oval setting will go off this season!