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Catering Knows about Branding

Restaurant Glasses – a Negative Experience? The catering trade know a thing or two about branding and reinforcing their message from the moment you search online, make a booking, enjoy your meal and review online – some establishments run a … Continue reading

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Too Close for Comfort

Promotional Clothing for Street Gangs and County Bumkins Cap Guns are great fun, similarly bows and arrows. Catapults fall into that category, as do air rifles and Bowie knives. These are all things I’ve owned as a child and reveled … Continue reading

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Under a Canopy

Promotional Sun Hats no Less Making a Laserlight Shade for my home garden-Office yesterday, I was struck by how essential wearing a sunhat actually is in this climate!

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Dad’s Medicine

Promotional Confectionery – Cures All I’m not a massive lolly honker but I do like the occasional jelly bean. Recently while recovering from a rather nasty and traumatic eye operation, a parcel arrived from overseas from my sister containing a … Continue reading

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I Liked the 70’s

Promotional IT Products Our lives are dominated (and I don’t say that lightly) by technology. It has it’s negatives like when my kids won’t get off Netflix without surgical intervention and then of course, there’s The Internet’s seedier side, feeding … Continue reading

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Colour me Red

Choose a Promotional Product, Your Wife Can Choose the Colour Since the dawn of time I’ve been fascinated by the colour Red but only for certain objects – cars, boats, clothing, mugs, pens – if presented with a choice, I’ll … Continue reading

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Hey Firebugs, put the match DOWN….

Gatecrash With Promotional BBQ Products Unless you’re firing up that BBQ for a real Guy Fawkes roasting, in which case, light her up and flip those burgers dude (or dudess). having fun? Of course you are and who doesn’t enjoy … Continue reading

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