Holiday Dreaming

Promotional Products Planning

beach chair photoIt’s about that time of year ¬†start to get tired….of just about everything and the only thing keeping me looking forward is the prospect of taking a break over Xmas.

Holidays are a chance for us to refuel and renew, then return invigorated and ready to wrestle all that can be throw at us….. So, bring on the second last week of December, cause I’m outta here!

Until then, there’s only really one way to play the game and that’s fairly and squarely. It’s also a way of insuring your working day goes by quickly and without drama.

So, I’ve decided to lift my game and be the promotional products blogging guru I’ve always known inside. Strange then that this article is about nothing in particular….call it a planning document and a chance to review past articles.

And there…….5 minutes of ¬†“off-topic” rambling and I’m now ready to resume my blog…except my allotted time has elapsed!