Trade Show Planning

Plan to Succeed at Trade Shows with Promotional Giveaways

image of 4 promotional keyringsIt’s a strange thing attending a promotional products fair and sifting through all the paraphernalia on offer to help market other people’s businesses and clubs. It’s not as though we don’t have enough promotional giveaways, samples and test products adorning our office walls….That’s not an issue for most businesses and I feel I need to dispel the myth that promotional products are …well…landfill!

The secret in choosing what to brand and offer at your stand at a Trade Show stand is to understand your customer or client. There’s no point choosing branded wine glasses for your teetotal customers or printed notepads for a room full of Millenial youths who soley use their laptops!

If you do your market research and offer something of real, tangible value to your people or prospects, you’ll be guaranteed ownership and usage, and exposure to your branded message.

Being out of touch with your customer base even at this level is enough to alienate potential business – can you afford to do that?