Ready, Set……Shower!

Modern Augustan Frugality meets the Branded Shower Timer

picture of a water saving branded shower timerWe live in a time of Austerity…or at least we should! And while there are a dedicated few who work hard to preserve the Earth’s resources and minimise spending in general, the vast majority of us continue to live the life of Kings and Queens – similar to the privileged lives of ancient Romans enjoying their riches, watching the odd slave being ripped apart by lions and languishing in their hot baths.

The Augustans lived that way for centuries till the fall of their Empire and I bet at that point, they implemented measures to save their resources, even if it meant selling a few slaves from their private bathing house.

Well, we don’t have the same issues and having bathing attendants is not something any of us will experience in our lifetime…unless we win the lottery.

Self cleansing in the shower is a reality and it’s one of the first areas we can cut back on to save money and reduce pollution. Being recognised as energy and conservation friendly, is a massive trust driver. The mere act of gifting a device that helps people take part in this global effort (even a small, token measure) demonstrates you are a company or organisation of conscience and conviction – the type of partner in business we¬†respect.

The branded shower timer is a simple device. It’s not complicated and in most cases, redundant…we all know how to shower quickly. Largely symbolic, it’s place in a modern day promotions campaign is almost necessary.