Pencil This In…

Draw up a Plan with Promotional Pencils

coloured promotional pencilsA defining moment in a child’s life is getting their “pen license” at school. It’s a rite of passage and an achievement in itself when that hallowed card is presented in front of the whole class to whom has worked hard to make the grade.

At that point, we forget we already came to school with a pencil license and from that day forward, pencils almost get a bad rap!

Thing is, the humble pencil and now the promotional pencil still has plenty of mileage left, irrespective of our age, rank and position.

When I was at Uni, my lecturer in Engineering always had a pencil in his top pocket – not a particularly good look but it was his trademark. It was also a very useful tool when it came to marking assignments and illustrating engineering drawings. A sage like character, he sharpened his pencil using a pocket knife creating a longer, flat blade that would withstand drawing long lines – a Draughtsman’s technique.

I no longer work in Engineering, nor am I in primary school and I do own a pen license but my fondness for owning and using pencils is still dominant. If they were good enough for Russian Astronauts up in space, they’re good enough for me to take notes and draw up my plans for world domination!