A Bit of Bling!

Promotional Coasters as Chocolates…I’m Sorry?!

image of a promotional coaster in gold aluminium finishLife is like a box of chocolates…..you get plain old milk choc and you get creamy fondant filled dark chocolate with sprinkles on top. Each is tasty and satisfying in their own right but each has it’s place and timing is cruital – you wouldn’t serve milk chocolate with red wine nor would you serve dark chocolate with white wine, even if it was encrusted with sprinkles…And so it is with promotional coasters. There are plain card versions that are cost effective to brand and distribute as promotional giveaways and then there are those that are of higher quality metals with etched surfaces, sell for more and form ideal, high-value gifts.

Take the Aluminium Drinks Coaster in Gold for example. It comes with a colour print, fully costed into the price you pay. It’s a higher cost promotional item and of course it would be absolute folly to hand these out like sweets at a trade show or maildrop – the cost would outweigh the benefit.

But, carefully chosen gifting would be a more suitable way of impressing your targets and reinforcing the quality of your brand or service offering. Promotional Coasters are such a diverse, yet unique promotional product. Choose according to your taste and budget!