Re-find Your Inner Zen

Promotional Stress Balls to the Rescue

image of promotional stress balls in the shape of AFL footy ballsWhen did you last feel like thumping the desk/computer/screen/phone/coffee machine/photocopier? It’s only natural to feel stressed out at work from time to time – the intricacies of dealing with other people and unintuative machines makes for a hot bed of work-related fury. It’s certainly not very Zen-like and too much coffee probably has a lot to do with it!

We start the day in a blissfully peaceful manner and it’s distressing in itself to think that an even-natured countenance could crumble to a seething ball of molten magna, ready to blow up in every direction at the drop of a hat! Not that you’d allow such an embarrassing display to mire your demeanor and cause disgrace….

Because, you’ve learned to moderate your behaviour in life and recognise moments when sanity is starting to evade your grip…..your grip, ah yes, that promotional stress ball, Where is it? Ah, that’s it…..ARGHHHHHH!

Squeezing the bejesus out of a piece of modelled foam may seem a little trite and childish in its efficacy but studies have shown that directing one’s negative attention towards a benign physical form can help reduce tension and help you deal effectively with life’s everyday hassles.

So, that’s you and your team sorted with an order of promo stress balls marked with your competitor’s name/ATO legislation/OH&S requirements but what of your clients’ needs? Don’t they also need to learn the secret of effective stress management? One customer of ours printed “Hate to pay too much? Squeeze here then call XYZ and actually save!”