What happened to Spring?

Promotional Sunglasses Time Again!

promo sunglassesWell, whatever happened down the Met office over the last few days is having a curious effect on the weather; Otto in operations must have inadvertently leaned on the warmth lever and blown spring out of the frame…

For Melbourne to bask in 34C this early in the season, it’s an wakeup call for us all to consider protective clothing, headwear, sunscreen and sunglasses. There’s no alternative for us southern hemisphere dwellers during our long hot summers, the only measure is to plan ahead, deploy and enjoy.

Luckily, we have a hot weather preparation plan in place for our customers – you can purchase all of the above as branded promotional items that will help communicate your organisation, company or promotion, and provide your customers and staff with stylish items of purpose.

Take the MCAllister promotional sunglasses for example, they’re a contemporary design with instant street appeal. That’s the secret to choosing and gifting a promotional product – anticipate your target market’s need, provide them with an item of high intrinsic value, be subtle with your branding, and deploy at the most opportune time.

Looking at the weather chart, that’s about now!