A Case of Identity

Are You Who You Say You Are?

Then print it on a promo t shirt.

ronnie-pickering-t shirtLast week in England, car driver Ronnie Pickering became famous for the wrong reasons, chiefly for being a pillock when he challenged a motorcyclist to a bareknuckle fight on the mean, if not a little wet streets of Hull.

But what made Ronnie a standout star, apart from his road-rage Youtube stardom (he’s gone viral) is his line “do you know who I am?!” “no, are you someone famous”…..”I’m Ronnie Pickering!” he blasted.

Truth is, he’s an average guy living in an average wee house, driving an average wee car but it’s the self-belief underlying his vitriol that has taken the world’s media and social media by storm.

Of course he’s Ronnie Pickering! He may be someone else entirely on the inside but to the outside world, he’s none other than RP.

Got me to thinking about our own identity as people, business men and women, working in organisations, sports clubs etc. Do you stand behind your name, your company, your club?

Ronnie’s got a lot of people fired up and that’s sometimes a good thing. Change in the middle East wouldn’t be happening if the people hadn’t stood up to be counted, also doing the social media rounds is video of three British squaddies tearing off their caps and medals outside No 10 Downing street in protest at Imperialism, and closer to home we have personal protests outside parliament on a daily basis.

Ronnie Pickering may be a Pillock but at least he has self belief and the courage/stupidity to stand behind his name. If you believe in yourself, your business or organisation, there’s a good argument for publicly declaring that. And a cleverly crafted printed promo t shirt campaign will help demonstrate that.