It’s the Journey

Promotional Travel Mugs from A to B

promo travel mugs“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” my mother would say as three kids fought like cats in the backseat of our Ford during long trips to visit aged relatives or across the country to a wet campsite. Hard to swallow when faced with hours of car sickness, AM radio, Dad’s jokes, Mum’s singing, I-Spy, counting sheep or staring at the back of the vinyl seat in front.

Journey’s sucked back then. Agriculture, industry, developments and scenery all blended into a homogenous blur of boring till journey’s end. The only respite was a pitstop meal or coffee break and a chance to play on the swings in a park.

As an adult though, I find getting there to be a far more satisfying experience. It’s not that it allows for a decent conversation or updating a podcast or finishing an audiobook but the changing landscape also helps fill the blanks in my knowledge.

Aside from those obvious advantages of having a quiet few hours to oneself or with your family, there is now the added benefit of consuming a hot beverage as you go from an insulated promotional travel mug. Bingo! As a coffee lover, I can now fill up with my favourite brew from my favourite coffee machine with my choice of roast bean and sit back to enjoy over the next hour…bliss.

When I peek in my kitchen cupboard, there are at least half a dozen current models of promotional travel mugs to choose from ranging from single colour plastic to stainless steel flagship vessels. They all contain advertising branding from one company or the other and I’m fine with that! They paid for the mug and gifted it to me, and the least I can do is use it proudly. In fact, with a commute well under an hour, I may even take the travel mug into the office with me…spreading the brand even further.

On hot days the travel mug may contain water, iced coffee or a fruit drink of some description. The mug will find it’s way to the park, the shopping centre, the doctor’s surgery – it’s all very rude but everyone’s doing it these days!

So, it’s now about the journey and the destination (guess that also comes with age…).