Pedal to the Metal

Promotional Metal Pens – Feel the Power!

promo metal penThere’s something rather empowering upon wielding a metal pen – the cold steel frame, weighted to provide just the right tip pressure for your flowing commanding signature…

A promotional metal pen says a lot about the owner but also about whoever gives one as a gift. These are statement pieces and convey trust, respect and authority.

Years ago I resigned from a position after years of service and at my leaving “do” I was gifted a metal Schaefer Pen in it’s own box. 10 years on and I still have that pen, still lovingly cradled in its case on my desk. It comes out for important occassions but mainly resides in safety. I was very touched receiving it and will always cherish it for the fact it represents the quality of the relationship I had with those colleagues.

We find a similar thing happens when folks receive a promotional metal pen, whether in business or personally. The intrinsic value is extrapolated and transferred to the relationship between giver and receiver. Sound lame? Try giving a colleague a metal pen and listen to the response – it will range from “are you sure” to “no, I couldn’t” and everything else in between.