Hail the Hail

Promotional Umbrellas – Great Insurance

photograph of a promotional umbrellaA massive job I’m undertaking at home is replacing all the Lazerlight sheets on my pergola that were damaged in a hail storm a few years ago. Literally thousands of dollars in materials alone. Sure, it was a massive, unprecendented storm in living memory but prevention and forward planning could’ve saved a lot of money and given me a few weekends to play with my children.

When I constructed the pergola many moons ago, I used the cheapest polycarbonate sheets I could find and hey presto, they secumbed to the rigours of the hail storm, instantly forming a Swiss cheese effect that has leaked water for the past few years.

This time, I’m buying premium roofing sheets – the best money can buy that are hail-proof and sun resistant.

The false economy I practised, I’ve subsequently learned from and I now apply that lesson to many aspects of my life. I take that philosophy to work too.

That is one of the driving forces behind our buying decisions her at Budget Promotion. It makes our job harder but it’s part of the quality guarantee we offer to all our customers.

Our promotional products are meticulaousoly chosen to meet a high level of quality.

Take for instance the Silver Wentworth¬†promotional umbrellas¬†– it’s a high quality unit in itself but comes into it’s own during heavy rain…and dare I say it, hail.