Crying over Split Beer

Planning Promotional ProductsSmashed beer bottles

Accidents happen all around us every day, only the other day as I stood in my kitchen, admiring the cleanliness my wife had effortlessly left behind before she went to work, the bag of beer in my hand broke free and smashed on the floor. #%$$@@! &*^^%!!!!

It’s not the cost or the deprivation of ale (that was felt much later in the day when those 3 smashed beers were notable by their absence)…but the awful cleaning job ahead of me – soaking up a litre of amber nectar and disposing of a soaked, glass laden towel.

But was it an accident that could’ve been prevented? Yes, of course. I should’ve held the beer at the base or in a bag, not by punching my fingers through the plastic and assuming it would be strong enough to hold 2 kilos of liquid….

Failing to plan, planning to fail etc.

What plans do you have in place to promote your organisation? Have you thought ahead to Xmas and Summer as opportunities to brand promotional products with your logo and be part of the festivities?

It’s businesses who sit back on their laurels who end up working overtime in promoting themselves…