The Promise of Summer

Promotional Jackets – Suited to Australian Conditions

promo jacket weatherFlicking through my phone, checking out the weather for the weekend, I’m excited about warm weather on the horizon. Excited but also a little guilty and irked that my life is so influenced by climatic changes. It’s shallow on one hand but quite necessary on the other.

I’m not a farmer, a fisherman, a gardener (well, I specialise in weed management), a roofer or indeed anyone whose livelihood depends on the ebb and flow of the tides and the cusp of the moon. I work in an office and venture out from under my pergola only when mother nature looks favourably on her great Southern Land. Which is often if the truth be told. Sure, we get massive winds, torrential rain and a fierce, relentless sun….but we don’t get constant rain and cold – bone jarringly cold infact. And that is something to glad of.

In turn, it opens up a wardrobe to us Antipodeans that varies from our Northern cousins. Our promotional clothing range reflects that uniqueness and holds an inventory that is specific to Australian conditions, a phrase we hear time after time but seldom appreciate without the benefit of experiencing different.

Take our range of promotional jackets for example – all lightweight designs suited to fending off the odd sub-tropical shower. There’s no need to stock Parkas, Duffle Coats, Trench Coats or Sou’Westers…

My wife looked at the 12C forecast for today and declared it to be “freezing”…but let’s get real here, -12C is “freezing” and I’ve done that as a boy…in shorts – I kid you not!

The advice to anyone complaining of the cold should always be “wear a jumper”, “do your zip up” and “run on the spot”. Our Australian clothing ranges reflects our climate and a lifestyle of activity we shouldn’t forget.