New Starts and the Old Guard

Promotional Items – Reinvented and Rebadged

Why is it that some bands’ cover songs are better than the original? Take Walk off the Earth‘s version of Happy….and their flawless, simple, no-fuss video filmed in their trailer while touring.

They also do a great version of Madonna’s Material Girl – it’s an ultra cool and clever rendition and clip.

Hoover as a brand may be synonymous with the vaccuum cleaner but Dyson‘s kicking it’s dated butt into the last century. That may be sad but not when your floors are matted with dog hair and flea larvae…

So, sometimes new-starts can out-gun the old guard.

You could apply a simple test to many promotional items on our website and compare them to the originators’ products. If you’re a complete nerd or savant, that shouldn’t be a problem, a pleasure infact.