Spring has Sprung

Budget Promotional Products for the Beach!

mini-rugby-promotional-beach-ballWhat an amazing feeling when you get hit with a blast of warm air in the first week of Spring! I’m referring to my obsession with our weather amongst other things.

There’s always a pivotal point in the year when you get hit with your first blast of warm air, and yesterday was it for me. Instantly, the shackles of winter were thrown off and a brighter air of optimisim fueled my day. Know the feeling?

It’s also a marker to start preparing for summer both personally and professionally – a time when business prepares for one last push before the end of the year and the Aussie hiatus over summer.

Many businesses plan ahead for the festive season and look to promotional products as a means to reward and recognise their staff and key clients. Sure, they could nip down to JB Hifi of Myer/Grace Bros to grab some lovely things to wrap up and stuff under the Xmas tree next to the photocopier but that is a wasted opportunity in itself. Chances are the presents will advertise another brand, chances also are that those gifts come from the same factory as many promotional items, just badged differently.

So, the solution is to choose a product you can brand yourself with your logo or team message.

Office and work related items are great when folks are back at work but the office break up party generally heralds holidays and times when staff are home or away at the beach. Selecting something suited to that down-time then makes absolute sense.

Take a few minutes to view our promotional products geared towards Outdoor Fun and envisage your name being bounced back and forth on a ball at the beach, or on a towel at the pool or etched onto glasses drunk from at a New Year’s party. Being there for the bad but also the good times strengthens relationships!