ACA/DACA in the Far Nth

Promotional Hats and Hill Billies

photograph of a promotional straw hatSometimes looking at life differently can be a breath of fresh air. What was old and tired becomes clean and re-invigorated.

When these hill billies picked up their first ACDC record over in Scandanavia, they would’ve been so moved by the essence of the Thor-like lyrics, the macho Volvo-esque image of dudes riding the outback of Australia in Holdens and the simplicity of the chord structure (akin in beauty to a fine, flat-pack IKEA table) that they would’ve been irresistibly moved to reach for their banjos, spoons and harmonicas.

Mimicry is the highest form of flattery and I guess the remaining ACDC crew would be nodding their long, bedraggled hair to the sharp 4/4 all over again. Bring back the days of hardcore glam rock boys, even if it now hails from the land of “squeal like a pig boy” where duelling banjos carve it up late into the night.